The new generation in education agencies management.
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BrainBot is the new generation in education agencies management. We are able to automate the entire student lifecycle in a single platform.
Discover how to convert more students post COVID 19
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“We’re looking at pilot programs where South Australia and the Northern Territory have got permission from the federal government to bring returning students back into their states and happily we believe NSW will happen very soon as well.

The pie news

  • Are you ready to handle massive prospects at the same time?
  • Are you able to send accurate quotes, fast and easy?
  • Can you run the VISA process without errors?

Managing your business using excel sheets, conventional emails, Whatsapp process, third-party quoting systems, etc... will drive you to lose hundreds of business opportunities. This makes your agency goes SLOW!

The automatic Virtual Office
for education agencies

The automatic virtual office works together to give you everything you need to run your agency on AUTOPILOT mode in one centralized platform.


We assisted up to 60% of the entire sales process. Saving money and time.


We Increase up to 35% the probability of visa renewal, as we´ll be always the first offer option in the student's inbox messaging. 


Totally control of prices and schools. You will be able to send accurate quotes in seconds!


We double or triple the customer capacity of your agency, being available 24/7 - 365 Days a year!


Automate your entire student lifecycle, from which they make an inquiry (Call o web) to the visa extension process.

  • Smart students segmentation
  • Automatic pipelines/funnels (Onshore - Offshore)
  • Automatic Lead Allocation
  • Qualify and ranking your leads (Lead scoring system)
  • Automatic booking system
  • Automatic referral student system.
  • Whatsapp Bot - Multi agents
Sales force automation

Send quotes faster than you can imagine. Customize them as much as you want, add marketing info, promote your workshops and much more in your quotes.

  • Assisted quote builder.
  • Unlimited courses and schools builder.
  • Smart Sales pipeline
  • TaskBot for your sales team.
  • Automatic student payment plan.

Your virtual office allows you to create campaigns for any aspect of your student lifecycle, such as attracting and following up with leads, and generating referrals.

  • Automatic Email marketing flows
  • Automatic SMS messaging
  • Facebook custom audiences (Ads)
  • Automated Webinar/Workshops
  • Nurture Leads and get them ready to buy.
  • Smart website (Onshore/Offshore)
  • Membership areas

Manage all your visas by automatic pipeline follow up.

  • Request CoE Follow Up.
  • Never miss again a visa extension.
  • Keep tracking all visa expire dates.
  • Allow your students auto fill the Visa forms.
  • Extend the visa fast and easy.

Make date-driven decisions


Keeping a pulse on the success of your marketing and sales is easier than ever with BrainBot. Collect insightful data about your leads’ and customers’ behavior. View all your results in one place

  • Deals follow up report.
  • Calls and activity contact report
  • Automatic conversion report.
  • Automatic visa expires date report.
  • Conversion website report.
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"BrainBot has helped us create different automation sales processes in the last year. With their expertise, we have now transitioned from a manual sales process to an automated one, allowing us to spend more time helping new clients and less time chasing them and doing manual work.

As we were new to sales automation, Juan Camilo and his team has been very patient and always is willing to help us, and goes the extra mile to ensure that we are happy with all our projects"
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Mauricio pizzaro
Founder, Contacto Canada
Educational Travel

"BrainBot, without doubt, is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable digital guru that I’ve ever met in the industry. They are  passionate about automation and more importantly, they always has a solution for any automation challenge.

We worked together for about one year and a half and since then I always have them involved in all my digital projects. The way BrainBot seen the Agency International Students business is unique and helping me a lot to grow my online virtual office. I would highly recommend BrainBot for anyone who needs any digital automation advice!"
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Pablo Cortes
Chief Executive, NEXTPERIENCE 
Educational Agency
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BrainBot is a consulting agency focusing on sales force automation. We are committed to taking back the client's time by eliminating all repetitive and operative tasks.

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